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We creat awesome design and hope aim to bring
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who we are?

Aipule Glass product Co.,ltd is located in the famous xuzou baduan Glass industrial Park , providing all kinds of glass bottles.
You can tell us your requirements , we will make you satisfied with the designed work .

what we do?

Our company are also engaging in designing the glass bottles.we have professional designers with great creativity and technical capability , they can design asian and african traditional style cups , European or American classical and modern style cups ,etc.

why Choose US!

Our associate factory have specified in the field of glassware over 10 years .we have produced over 2000 kinds of glassware & ceramic here, we can provide machine press/machine blowed/mouth-sblowed /man-made products, and process procedure such as painting ,decal ,plating ,engraved ,frosted,etc.

Aipule GLASS

We are a leading manufacturer of glass bottle containers in China.
We have been producing quality glass with an international reputation for more than 10 years

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